• Jasmine Riana

An Ode To Village Aunties

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

To My Village Auntie,

First, thank you! Thank you for constantly showing up.

Whether that looks like hard-truths or patient love.

You aren't like the aunties back in the day.

You are vibrant.

Down for the culture.

You keep your ear to the streets, and you know exactly what's up!

Instead of Mary Kay, you dabble in Fenty Beauty.

From Cato's to Fashion Nova, you're fierce!

Natural Curls, Quick-Weaves, Passion Twists and Low-Cut Fades

Auntie, you are one bad...

Never compromising.

Always audacious.

The drip of your melanin tone.

To the 90's Hip Hop and R&B you adore.

On behalf of my millennial tribe, we love you.

We need you.

Thank you.

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