Meet Jasmine Riana

Jasmine Riana is a rising media mogul.

Raised in the small town of Yanceyville, NC she began her journey to fearless living in 2008. At 17 she moved to Charlotte, NC to pursue better opportunities. Over 10 years later she has finally hit her stride.

In 2018, she launched Ensoul Media & Network. Ensoul is a media based brand dedicated to showcasing people of color in their best light. Through many different life challenges, she has reclaimed her life, her purpose, and her future.

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Stand For Something!

In 2011, Jasmine was faced with a tough reality. She was placed on Probation with a pending Felony charge. During that time she was limited to what she could do. After 1.5 years of depression, stagnancy and no motivation, she began to rebuild her life.

Today she has no criminal background! Ambition out the ass and a newfound purpose to educate the community in making better choices.

If all else fails, Jasmine Riana is an advocate for change, for she knows anyone can and will change... when their ready!


Love is...Life is...

Love and Life has a way of testing you. Jasmine Riana is not above these challenges. For over 2 years she was involved in a Domestic Violence Relationship. Many moments during those years are still a blur but one thing is for sure, she reclaimed her crown. In 2019, she began to speak openly about these times. Through those conversations she realized there is a need for more transparent dialogue on life after the storm. So she's here, opening the door for the conversation. Revealing her story as an #DV survivor.

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Dynamic Speaker

Be Bold. Be Fearless. Be Dynamic.

Jasmine Riana has transformed her life and the direction it was moving. From a domestic violence survivor, criminal troubles to depressive states; she has truly became a rose from the concrete. In 2019 she began to publicly speak about these trials. With her down-to-earth demeanor paired with her media background her delivery is sincere and easily digestible.

Suited for intimate events, female-centered gatherings, and more.

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