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Listen,I'm about to keep it all the way 100 with this post! You see sis, I too have fell victim to the move in debacle.

You know the one where you know you shouldn't be "messing" around with that man but his "human nature" is snatching your common sense. Yeah, I too am a survivor.

Typically, this is seen at a higher rate during crucial times like tax season. But today, we are faced with an all-new dilemma. The quarantine and chill...that never ends!

So let me throw in my credentials so you can understand that I have a PhD. in taking things too far. My journey into becoming boo-boo the fool came in 2012 when I literally moved a guy into my place within 60 days of dating. While the relationship lasted for almost 3 years...it should've ended after 6 months. That relationship single-handily changed the trajectory of my life for YEARS! But I didn't stop there...

About 3 years later I moved, yet again, another hammerhead in my casa. Y'all I literally drove to Columbia, SC to pick this man up and take him back to Charlotte! And I bet you are wondering, "Was he chocolate? Because this is the only explanation as to why you were a COMPLETE fool". And yes, yes he was. Nevertheless, I was drooling at the thought of having in-house schlong. After 4 months of regret, I packed his 2 trash bags and set them by the door, and said BYEEEEE!

As you can see I am not new to this, but no longer true to the foolishness.

So I tell you with confidence, DO NOT MOVE HIM IN! I know you are feeling low, scared, bored, and hell probably even horny; but sis your sacred space is worth so much more than live-in rendezvous.

If we're matching energies, building relationships and securing real love, moving in is the end game not the middle game.

This is an unprecedented time that truly everyone is clueless about how to move forward post Corona. We are feeling things, and people are dying who have never died before. But baby, moving a man in that has not secured your heart, set his intentions with you nor has he committed to anything in over 5 years will not help this situation. Dead the idea sis.

It's time to tap into some self-love. Tap into working on those habits you've been meaning to break. Most importantly, tap into your inner self cause sis she has your back. I believe in true love, soul-mates and even love at first sight. I do not blindly believe, I believe in the action behind those things. You won't have to question what's for you and it does not come with limitations, poor communication, and lackluster commitment.

Hold tight, your king will come wrapped in what you need. "Cue "LeToya Luckett - Used To"

  • Jasmine Riana

To My Village Auntie,

First, thank you! Thank you for constantly showing up.

Whether that looks like hard-truths or patient love.

You aren't like the aunties back in the day.

You are vibrant.

Down for the culture.

You keep your ear to the streets, and you know exactly what's up!

Instead of Mary Kay, you dabble in Fenty Beauty.

From Cato's to Fashion Nova, you're fierce!

Natural Curls, Quick-Weaves, Passion Twists and Low-Cut Fades

Auntie, you are one bad...

Never compromising.

Always audacious.

The drip of your melanin tone.

To the 90's Hip Hop and R&B you adore.

On behalf of my millennial tribe, we love you.

We need you.

Thank you.

  • Jasmine Riana


Hello and Welcome to my NEW blog Jasmine Speaks!

But you can call me Jasmine Riana!

It has taken me a long while to put the words to the blog but at last, I made that leap.

With 2020 marking the 10 year Anniversary of my move to Charlotte. I wanted to create a series called I AM!

So hang on tight as I attempt to share my 29 years...in an entertaining way!



I found out just how resilient I was when I had my rock-bottom moment back in 2013. I had just ended my abusive, dysfunctional relationship. I had no job and was a college drop-out. I was truly starting over from scratch. Did I mention I was slap broke with a record?!

Sis, was doing bad. Sis is ME!


By my 25th Birthday I was working towards being healed. I was no longer jobless.

No longer had a criminal record. I was rebuilding what was once broken.

As I approach 30, I use the low moments to soul check myself.

I will never forget the memories, the feelings. It keeps me humble, thankful, and blessed for 2nd chances. But one thing I know, I’m one strong woman.





Oh Baby!! I learned this the RIGHT way!

Something that was taught to me from a child is, WHATEVER you put your mind to do, you can accomplish it!

I say I am gutsy because I turn NO’s into, we’ll see about that!

When I was denied the chance to advance in my career...I created my OWN platform.

When love didn't come knocking...I learned and grew to love MYSELF (a message for later)

The point is, NO matter what, I will make it happen!

Because dreams aren't given, they are created. #IAMGUTSY

I AM Jasmine

I can tell you many things I am not. Which I'm sure I will eventually. But after living through some of my most challenging times, I know what and who I am. I am Jasmine.

Jasmine consists of random bursts of emotions. Jasmine consists of unchanging love. Jasmine consists of Pepperoni Pizza, lots of starches and the occasional made from scratch recipes.

I am mistakes. I am redeemed. I am so much more than meets the eye.


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